The recent personal views of Chik-Fil-A’s CEO on same-sex marriage created a flap of unprecedented proportions on the issue. Normally, I would not write anything here about something so controversial. But there is something that causes me great concern. You see, if we take our cue from mass media and homosexual activists, one would have to conclude that Christians are absorbed by bigotry and filled with hate toward homosexuals. Has no one noticed that this is awfully one-sided to say the least?

About 40 years ago, Anita Bryant—singer, former Miss Oklahoma, and spokesperson for the Florida Citrus Industry—took a stand in opposition to “gay rights” legislation in Florida. She publicly stated that as a Christian she did not “hate” gays, but did believe it was sinful behavior. She received a ton of hate mail and phone calls laced with profanities, and involving death threats as well as threats to harm her family.

Just a few years ago, a Christian church near Chicago held a seminar to discuss homosexuality from a Biblical perspective. The public was invited. TV news reports showed an angry crowd outside the church shouting profanities, threats and accusations of hatred and bigotry. All the while several church members were calmly and lovingly serving water to the crowd from a booth on the church lawn.

Recently, Brad Pitt’s mom publicly expressed her beliefs about same-sex marriage and her opposition to abortion. Her son holds differing opinions but that didn’t stop the “gay rights” gang. She, too, has received hate mail, been abused on Twitter (including death threats) and portrayed as a hate-filled bigot.

Are there Christians who are bigoted and hateful? Yes. But my experience shows them to be in a minority. “Gay bashing” has taken place, but when I have been able to look into the lives of those who were guilty, I would not call them Christians! Most Christians believe homosexuality is a sin but don’t hate those who practice it. In the meantime, a large number of “gay rights” activists spew hatred and intolerance, and hypocritically accuse anyone who disagrees with them as bigoted and hate-filled. Our mass media—both TV and print—sheepishly echoes that view. The American public deserves a more honest and balanced report on this issue than we are getting.

Yours for honesty, integrity and Christian love,



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  1. Tony Fallon says:

    Marriage is the intellectual property of God defined in Matthew 19:5-9. We protect Coca Cola’s name and God deserves as much.

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